Of women fasting and men’s longevity

It amuses me to no end how women are expected to fast for their husband’s long life on the pretext of this ritual or that, but men always shamelessly get to stuff their faces.

Of course, the society has a hand in this because…

Hang in there

Your refrigerator is empty, save for a rotting apple.

But the brown red of the fruit has your stomach yelping with joy. You'd forgotten what being full and fed to the brim feels like, you were almost ready to extend a hand of friendship to a lifetime…

When the curtain falls…

Imagine you are a singer.

Pop, rock, Indie, classical…anything. Your favorite kind.

Imagine music is the one true love of your life; it is all you’ve grown up learning, practicing, spending time with, finding solace in.

You have made it your penance, your hobby, your passion…

What women want

What do women want
you ask, oh so often,

and yet, you never cease to tell me
what I ought to be doing
or who I should aim to be,
you unfailingly fit me
into boxes every now and then,
simply because you’re accustomed
to seeing me in them,

The things we don’t talk about

Everybody writes about persistence, about staying the course, about hanging on until we find what we want, but what about when we can't remain mellow and resolute and nonchalant?

What about when failures don't let us resurface? When we no longer have the will…

I know it is 2021. A new year, a new beginning, and all that jazz. But the virus is still around and so are the norms that we brought into place last year. Our mental health is still not back to what it was before the pandemic. People continue to…

Photo by Denise Karis on Unsplash
  1. It is okay to not have plans. Or to have nothing go as per plan. It is okay if most of your to-do lists go into the trash can, untouched. It is okay to not be in control all the time.
  2. Draw boundaries for people. Not everyone you talk to…


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